Company Profile

Pulanna's natural cosmetics group pioneered in the 1980 s, is the first domestic high-tech collectivize enterprises with cosmetic science and technology research institute, has natural plant planting base, raw material production base and products manufacturing base, sales network throughout the world, is China's most robust development momentum in the cosmetics industry, science and technology innovation is the most potential of the pioneer and leading enterprise, the enterprise total assets of more than 6 billion yuan.

For more than 20 years, Pulanna's natural cosmetics group history of cosmetic industry in China has created a remarkable nine first:

Pollan natural cosmetics group is China's first is also the world's only named for "natural cosmetics" of the high-tech enterprises;

First put forward in the field of global cosmetics "Chinese prescription to raise colour" concept, to create the world's first application of natural plant extract ingredients of skin care products;

Has China's first professional engaged in natural plant cosmetics products research and technology development of national research institutions - tianjin cosmetics institute of science and technology;

Has domestic first fully in accordance with international GMP quality management standards of the construction of the large scale natural cosmetics manufacturing base;

Has the first domestic cosmetics industry to natural plant planting base, can produce natural plant raw materials and natural plant extracts;

Created China's first high-end cosmetics industry digital filling pattern manufacturing process;

"Alvin na" famous trademark for 30 years, China is China's first with independent intellectual property rights of national cosmetics brand;

"Plant" is China's first won the miss world competition only specify protect skin to taste of Chinese national brand, won the 55th, 57 of the miss world contest special contribution award;

Pulanna's natural cosmetics is China's first approved by the national high and new technology export cosmetics, unlisted state high-tech export product catalog, are now marketing many countries and regions of the world. For the inheritance and development of China's beauty regimen cause, group depends on the strength of the enterprise, industry leading r&d and technology, product service advantages, play an enterprise production, study and research cooperation and technical personnel strength, investment in hainan color lake scenic area, built a world-class pollan na high-tech industry base, to color ChengHaiNa sweet sweet island in the island lake scenic area construction, the Pulanna na "Chinese prescription to raise colour, derived from natural" beauty best inheritance in one hundred, fragrance of the world.