Planck research is the cause of her sails, leading the alvin's natural cosmetics to the whole of China, towards the world. From the group as of the date of birth, alvin is aware of the extreme importance of scientific research. With the growth of the group of scientific research strength, alvin, pay more attention to through technical innovation, continuously improve product quality and effect, and develop world-class high-tech research results of new products, to meet the needs of different consumer groups all over the world.

Cosmetics Planck's natural cosmetics research, formerly known as tianjin science and technology research institute, founded in 1984, now has become a pollan na group at the core of the research and development institutions, and is the first domestic specialized is engaged in natural plant cosmetics research and development of the national institute of science and technology.

Every year, alvin na will invest a lot of funds for basic scientific research and talent team construction, in the world, was nearly thousands of active in biochemistry, medicine, dermatology, including in the field of botany, zhang and so on more than 30 scientific research personnel, is the world's natural cosmetics industry the only company in all kinds of product development research of the development ability of the unit. Its research system is very perfect, from basic science and applied science research to new product development, has formed a solid scientific research system. Alvin na also long-term cooperation with international research institutions, in the United States, Japan, Europe, Australia and other places of scientific research cooperation projects, the mutual benefit, sharing results and experience of the channel, attracted from different countries, different cultural background of scientific research personnel. Over the years, alvin, not only in all kinds of natural plant cosmetics to be leading the development of new products, at the same time, also for the world of biomedical research has made an outstanding contribution.  

Planck's researchers have been trying to ensure the scientific research on product development and application of effective security. In the United States has passed on the qinghai-tibet plateau plants of photosensitive resistance, moisture resistance test and the study of skin moisturizing effect test of pure gold and used to explain and test the safety of the new product.