China's cosmetics industry the first natural plant planting base

"The production of the first workshop extension to the heart of the natural plant growth", is the Planck na cosmetics group has always been adhering to the advanced ideas. Development so far, the Planck's cosmetics group successively in changbai mountains, snow area plateau, yimeng mountain area, lijiang in yunnan and other places set up the first domestic cosmetics industry to natural plant planting base, and put an end to the external environment pollution of the raw material, fully retain the natural plant active ingredients, "Chinese prescription" hold the "first pass" product quality, to contain China's Tibet snow lotus, changbai mountain ginseng, yunnan rare plants such as green gooseberry "Chinese prescription" natural plant essence, na series cosmetics are sold overseas, be beyond geographical "skin care experts" of the world.


China's first professional engaged in natural plant cosmetics research and development of scientific research institutionsCosmetics, tianjin institute of science and technology

Planck's high-tech research and development center according to the demand of the market, combining the theory of traditional Chinese prescription and creatively modern skin care concept, create the first Chinese features in computer art design of natural cosmetics, won the domestic and foreign many cosmetic and pharmaceutical fair awards, become the model of Chinese prescription cosmetics to world, r&d center also undertook the national rejuvenating trade through science and technology projects and tianjin torch plan and other international and domestic natural cosmetics with several important research topics, become China's cosmetics industry in the development of science and technology backbone.


Cosmetics high-tech testing center

Cosmetics technology test center is the national light industry quality supervision and inspection station in tianjin and tianjin quality supervision and testing station 60, responsible for the cosmetics industry product quality supervision and inspection, it is in the implementation of this enterprise cosmetics quality inspection functions at the same time, in charge of the whole north China cosmetic quality inspection and evaluation.

Testing center has established the perfect physical and chemical, heavy metals and microbial testing lab, have professional testing equipment.



China's first according to the international GMP standards to build large scale natural cosmetics production base

Alvin na cosmetic large-scale production workshop, has perfect process. Workshop layout is scientific, reasonable production planning and resource allocation, covers the cosmetic liquid, powder, cream, emulsion units generally units, organic solvents, wax base unit full varieties of production and packaging, such as a single class, nissan 180000 bottles of production capacity, high grade 300000 purification level, reached the international GMP quality management standards.