Talent Strategy

Tianjin alvin na talent as the most valuable wealth of enterprises and the root of the enterprise core competitiveness. Company is committed to enterprise human resources management strategy target and the perfect combination of individual ideal, dedicated to the ability of organization and individual ability of staff to promote together, win-win dedicated to enterprises and employees.

Tianjin alvin na with specification and flexible organizational structure and diversity of talents structure. Company employees more than 80% have college (designed) above, both talent management, and also in different areas of professional talents. Attracting talent, wider career platform specification of human resource management and highly inclusive corporate culture provides employees with broad platform can do.

Tianjin Planck's advocacy results oriented assessment mechanism, pragmatic training system of career planning and career development. Through the combination of scientific and humanistic human resource management, alvin na successfully built a can not only complete the task and to accept the challenges of the future talent team.