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Big s strongly recommended 1 times to do = do care for 1 weeks.

Big s strongly recommended 1 times to do = do care for 1 weeks.

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Beauty King said! We should pay attention to ~

Female star love index: * * * * it is not so magical legend, but really very convenient

If you want to say which kind of high_tech beauty method, can be a little to solve all kinds of problems, do not be too painful, the price is not too expensive, the king will recommend pulsed light. The advantages of pulsed light many, including can treat, pock,, firm skin, fade spots, make the skin bright and shiny. But its drawback is that each function have both, but requires multiple treatment. If you have never done of high_tech beauty, the budget is not much, so the pulse light would be a good entry; or is a cosmetic problem you want to improve is not serious, just want a little so that the skin becomes more attractive one, then you can have a try it.

Pulsed light not only the female star of the most love, the love is the standard. Pulsed light is best done in a week after the effect, so a lot of the bride will be a week before taking pictures to make pulse light, or in the marriage three months ago to make intensive. If every three to four weeks to do a regular, just like every day at attaining the same.

Media reported vigorously before rendering effect, the pulse of light is very magical, immediately make pulse light into a nap beauty methods commuters crazy for it. But, with the king's experience coupled with the physician's opinion, I must say, the effect of pulsed light is a certain, but really not everybody imagination of so magical. However, it is just like what is said in the report, is a kind of high_tech beauty can take advantage of the lunch break time to do. Lie down, from your clean face, painted with frozen gel to completion, the entire process takes less than 40 minutes, just to do a makeup, can go back to work, really very convenient.

No pain, but a bit of allergy......

The king to do when the pulsed light for the first time, thought it was a very sick stuff. When doing the phototherapy beauty, will be blindfolded to avoid glare. First, then blindfolded lying there really full of tension, because they do not know will not hurt, do not know what time would be a hit on the face. Pulse light down, really scared me! Because it is a bit like the air gun "touch! Touch! Touch!" A gun was hit in the face, each emitting a fat before there will be a "beep" sound, beep after there will be "touch" sound throughout your eardrum...... To be honest, in the flesh is not really very painful, but the psychological point of view, it is a kind of torture.

Pulsed light hit in the face, according to different parts of the feeling is not too same. If the fight is in melanoma is not much and not hair place feel like with a nail fingertips on the skin to knock, no pain, but still have a "click" feeling. If the fight is melanin in more places, you would feel more sting a little, like atomic Bibi cusp up meat. However, if playing in a hair more places, will be combined with the smell of burning. Like air shooting will smell burning...... Process of pulsed light is probably the way, a little scary but not really very painful.

When a pulse of light, the king to call on them to calm down, just follow the "beep" sound of. As long as a "beep", must be psychologically prepared for the muscle tension, the next second will have air gun. There is no "beep" when, on behalf of the doctor won't launch, can slightly relax, don't be too nervous. Some of the more gentle doctor, will advance to help you counts "1, 2, 3......" And then the next pulse light, if such a doctor is no need to worry about.

Do a pulsed light, just like with a week's face

According to the actual king did experience, I think to do a pulse of light is like the face of a week of continuous application of feeling. It is not possible to finish to let your skin become young and compaction, and pock all disappeared. But if you apply for a week in the face, the face will look every day more translucent, skin and fine lines will have improved, pulsed light is probably the kind of feeling. Although it cannot be too high expectations, but also have no effect, if you finish the pulse light mirror immediately words, will be discovered before the skin than bright, also looks much better.