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1985 cosmetic science and technology research institute developed natural plant extraction agent of China women's pubic health supplies, fill the blank of the domestic market.

Held in Barcelona, Spain in 1986 on the 14th international conference on cosmetics chemist, cosmetics in China's first published papers in China plant extraction agent for women's studies, strong and handsome breast, after abroad have published 15 papers cosmetics, patent 12.

1987 cosmetic science and technology research institute developed Chinese herbal slimming cream, breast beauty cream, to fill the gaps in the Chinese market (patent) in the same year, cause attaches great importance to the market in China and Asia.

In 1988, Chinese herbal slimming cream, breast beauty cream getting the import license for Japan ministry, be the first to enter the Japanese market of Chinese herbal cosmetics. Alvin's plant fitness products have entered China after South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, has taken Asia by alvin na didnt cosmetics consumer boom.

In 1990, Alvin na China natural bodybuilding products to enter the European market.

1992 cosmetics, cosmetic science and technology research institute developed computer art products on the domestic and European markets.

Pass on the qinghai-tibet plateau in the United States in 1994 plants of photosensitive resistance, moisture resistance test and the study of skin moisturizing effect test of pure gold, successfully developed the pure plant cosmetics. In the same year, alvin active gold series of cosmetics to enter the American market. Apply for a patent in 2000.

In 1998, Alvin won the 17th international drug exposition gold medal, cosmetics. Planck's active gold series products won the poznan international fair gold medal, the international sales and quality association "gold prize in the sun," Spanish "international business gold prize".

Alvin, jade lotus series products successfully developed. In 1999, the Planck's jade lotus series products won the 18th international drug exposition gold medal. Apply for a patent in 2000.

Planck's silver plant series products successfully developed, patented in 1999. In 2000, the Planck's silver plant won the 20th international drug exposition gold medal series products. The patented in 2003.

In 1999, Planck's amber plants series products successfully developed, fill the blank of the cosmetics industry in China, products are exported to Europe, America and Asia market. Apply for a patent in 2000, patented in 2004. Planck's resistance to nicotine products successfully developed and patented in 2001.

Cosmetics research institute in 2000 by the national ministry of science and technology, copies included in the five plan "" national rejuvenating trade through science and technology, alvin na series cosmetics are recognized as national high-tech exports.

Alvin active gold grape series products successfully developed, in the same year to apply for a patent. In 2001, the Planck's active gold grape series of products was awarded the 22nd international drug exposition gold medal.

In 2001, Alvin, cosmetics scientific and technological achievement award by China productivity evaluation committee awarded China productivity of science and technology achievement award. Alvin na China natural bodybuilding products into the French market. Alvin, cosmetics in Hong Kong asia-pacific international beauty beauty international exhibition exhibition and Moscow.

In 2002, Cosmetics in tianjin science and technology research institute co., LTD by council for productivity evaluation for innovation science and technology research center productivity innovation units. Alvin na cosmetics won three, five Chinese consumers trust products brand reputation.

In 2003, Alvin na micro gold grape series won France "beyond beautiful beauty international fair gold medal".

In 2004, Chinese flavor cosmetics industry association awarded the beauty medicine group President Mr Yong-liang zhao "meritorious entrepreneur" honorary title, awarded to the outstanding contribution in the field of cosmetic science and technology.