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Group Profile

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  Beauty medicine group was founded in 1993, is a medical treatment, scientific research, make Chinese and western medicine, Chinese herbal medicine planting and extract, natural cosmetics research and development production, real estate development and construction, international trade and foreign direct sales for the main business of modernization, diversification, internationalization of high-tech enterprise group. The total assets of more than 6 billion yuan. Group sets on Hong Kong sheng group, beauty drug research institute, beauty natural plant science and technology co., LTD., beauty medicine sales co., LTD., beauty international trade co., LTD., beauty African health industry corporation, the yanzhao real estate co., LTD., hainan beauty life investment development co., LTD., and other dozens of subsidiaries and scientific research units.
  Beauty pharmaceutical group is the first to undertake major high-tech industrialization project of tianjin enterprises. In order to speed up the development, the group company in tianjin beichen economic development zone investment established high-tech industrial park. Park built in line with national GMP standards of Chinese and western medicine preparation workshop, Chinese medicine extraction workshop, drug research institute, natural cosmetics production base, cosmetic science and technology research institute, etc., complete supporting facilities, can fully meet the requirements of modernization, scale, specialization, standardization production.

  In order to speed up the pace of Chinese medicine industries towards internationalization, the group company in north China invest hundreds of millions of yuan to build the scale, first-class modernized level industrialization demonstration base of Chinese traditional medicine extraction, build standard traditional Chinese medicine innovation development platform. Traditional Chinese medicine extract workshop in 2005 through the national GMP quality management certification, the workshop area is clear, high degree of automation, can produce all kinds of plant extract 10000 tons a year, has now developed more than 100 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine standard extract is widely used in medicine, health products and cosmetics production, some products have been exported to Japan, South Africa and other countries, won the good economic and social effect.

  Group company attaches great importance to science and technology research and development, invested heavily independent research and development of the high quality of stevia sugar glucoside production technology and automatic control system, including the stevia sugar glucoside deep-processing technology research and industrialization "has been included in the major scientific and technological innovation projects of tianjin in 2010. At present, the company has for more than 99% of the total glucosides, Stevioside A effective components (Reb - A) more than 95%, or more than 95% of the total glucosides, monomer composition Stevioside (STV) more than 90% of the STV products, annual production capacity of 1000 tons, and through the HACCP and BRC and other international certification. The technology to fill the domestic industrialization of high purity Reb - A and STV blank, breaking the foreign technology monopoly. Group of companies to become the first domestic high-end stevia sugar glucoside product suppliers, products are exported to the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, South Korea, the European Union and other countries and regions.

  For the inheritance and development of China's traditional Chinese medicine theory practice, rich group based on enterprise first-class medical and pharmaceutical products service advantages, play an enterprise production, study and research cooperation and technical personnel strength, investment in hainan color lake scenic area, the construction of international tourism in hainan island and develop health industry and cultural industry policy guidance, to create a culture of traditional Chinese medicine the world's best science and technology of silicon valley, will be color ChengHaiNa sweet sweet island in the island lake scenic area construction, will be pretty big wide world health concept, leading the traditional Chinese medicine to world.

   "innovation is the eternal theme in humans," the people with passion continued to deepen the theme. In the new world economy spring tide, beauty medical group culture as background, insight into market, comprehend consumption, forge ahead in innovation. Adhering to the "beauty of beautiful huan, based on people" the enterprise idea, "one love, you and I share the beauty of big healthy vision, quickly developed into a leading enterprise in the industry. The first-class team, the ideal platform, beauty medicine group, you are the perfect implementation of self-value and social value.